Loveless In The Time of Coronavirus

Travelling Scrittori
Travelling Scrittori
Loveless In The Time of Coronavirus

A Travelling Scrittori Podcast, narrated by David Roberts

If you wish to read the full story instead, it is also available as a Blog post.

6 thoughts on “Loveless In The Time of Coronavirus

  1. Ohhhh Dave and Gionny! I loved earing your voices!! I loved this story!!! And i Also like your accent!! So no tought shit for me!!! Would love to see you two soon!!
    Good luck !

    1. Hoy Martita!! long time, a bit to long we haven’t seen you and Craig. I hope we can make it happen one day, thanks a lot for listening!!

  2. Glad you liked it. Yes there are more in the pipeline. Please be patient with this old fart.

  3. Hola Martita, I echo what Gionny said and just add that you should be careful what you wish for. I hope to be in Spain in a few weeks.

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