Phil Dunn

On my journey from international hit man to outboard engine mechanic my travels have been fun, far and fraught.

picture of Phil Dunn holding a drill

The first-born son of six siblings I was unmercifully spoilt rotten. After graduating school I joined the Canadian navy. Here aside from learning how to kill people I became an operator in the less useful role of sonar – if you ‘ve recently lost a submarine I can find it.

After 3 years of this bullshit I was happy to leave and join the merchant marine. I worked on dredgers, oil rigs, seismic ships and supply ships. Then a year of Mexican short order cook and oil rig baker. Basically if it hadn’t been for me the oil industry would have collapsed.

Then art college for a degree in graphic design. Met a good woman and made two babies. Rhetta and Brook. Awesome people in their own right. 

I played bagpipes for tourists for a summer trying to pay the rent.  I still can’t quite work out if payments were for encores or hush money.

Then I descended into the dark side by canvassing “door to door” for Greenpeace. Hardest job I ever had. “Give me money you rich suckers.”

Somehow ended up on a Greenpeace ship in 1993 and I have sailed with them ever since. 

Phil and Anne looking happy
Anne and Phil

When Israel decided to bomb Beirut in 2006 I met and fell in love with Anne while we were delivering medical supplies during the blockade. A beautiful and formidable young French woman. Anne has been my partner and strength ever since. I better add for the pedants that my relationship with the previous good woman had ended long before I met Anne. 

I now live in the lost French department in France called Lozere. French people have never heard of it, that’s how lost it is. Lots of sheep, trees, cold and rain. 

Many adventures, many excellent new friends (mostly) and I now find myself in the exalted position of Boat Mechanic on Greenpeace ships. 

So far so good.