David Roberts

David, 69, was born in a pub in the middle of a prehistoric stone circle in England. At 16 he ran away to sea eventually becoming a mate plying the seven seas. In the days when cargo ships often remained in port for weeks at a time David was able to explore many parts of Africa and India gestating a wander bug. Drawn by new challenges he escaped the sea and started farming, first conventionally and latterly organically. He also started renovating the first of several properties. 

In 1982 in response to belatedly awakening environmental concerns and frustration with the then apathy David joined Greenpeace. Using his merchant navy skills he started as a mate on their ships (the most famous being the Rainbow Warrior) gradually employed his other practical and organisational skills and evolved towards direct action planning. 

The Greenpeace chapter

For 35 years David was involved in over 250 direct actions and was active in most campaign areas. During this period he was arrested 39 times in 13 countries, including 3 times for spying. He was tear-gassed, bombed, shot at with real and rubber bullets, had a Scud missile fired at him, trapped in a mine field, a stun grenade dropped on his head, irradiated, covered in toxic shit and trapped inside an upturned boat. Oh, and there was the time he almost died at sea in a helicopter crash. Finally it was a bureaucrat that got him. 

And everything after

So At 67 David was retired and started a slightly quieter life. The problem was he still had itchy feet and although over the years he has visited over 100 countries he felt there was more to see. So with a meagre pension augmented with paid carpentry work he manages to continue to travel as often as he can afford. 

David, hardly the saint, married three times; British, Spanish and French ladies. Somehow he ended up with a total of 6 adorable children, two British daughters, a Spanish daughter and 3 French sons. Oh and 4 houses – all of which he lost, the houses not the children. And there are 5 grandchildren to enjoy when not on the road.