What to expect from our travel blog?

That’s easier to answer by stating what you WON’T find.

For example, you won’t find tips on how to climb Mt Everest on a shoestring budget.

First off, climbing Mt Everest sounds like a lot of hard work and self inflicted punishment, both decidedly not in our comfort zones.

Secondly, the area around the mountain has recently descended into a shit hole and become a mecca for the sort of tourists we try very hard to avoid – up there with those morons down there who go on cruise ships.

If you want money saving tips go and buy a “Lonely Planet Guide.”

In our tales you may come across the occasional endorsement for a hotel or restaurant. Don’t be swayed, it’s purely because of the altruistic expedience of being slipped a few dollars for the plug. Strangely enough it doesn’t happen often!  READ MORE…